Elite Training Australasia delivers the only Highfield Level 2 Award in Physical Intervention within the Private Security Industry program and Level 3 in the Delivery of Physical Intervention Training within the Private Security Industry, in Australasia –recognised by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

About the Physical Intervention Program

Our Physical Intervention training program combines the attitudes, communications, physical and psychological skills to de-escalate a wide range of aggressive scenarios, and control situations for the safety of self and others that are appropriate, responsible and utilised with the correct mindset and professional etiquette.

This program is about the practical application of techniques that is suitable for all ages, levels of fitness and strength. You will learn over 20 techniques to manage any situation with the most appropriate and effective strategies to maintain personal safety & professional tactics. The UK National Health Service (NHS) have adopted these techniques for their healthcare staff, with other agencies implementing them with their mental health workers, prison officers, safeguarding of children and frontline workers.

SIA Approved

The course was created by Mr Robert Betts, a man with extensive career experience in physical intervention supported by academic and professional qualifications in the UK prison and security arenas. This form of physical intervention is approved by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), the UK regulators in the use of physical intervention techniques and is now listed as one of the leading and preferred applications by the security and health care industries.

*For those wanting to become a trainer and instruct in Close Protection and within the private Security industry, it is a requirement to have competently completed this course along with the Conflict Management program. If you are interested in becoming an instructor, contact us now as we have several opportunities that may be suitable.

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1. Highfield Level 2 Award in Physical Intervention within the Private Security Industry

~ this is the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) approved program and physical intervention system, and is the preferred application of the correct techniques across the Private Security Industry and associated agencies.

2. Highfield Level 3 Award in the Delivery of Physical Intervention Training (RQF)

~ this is the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) approved program and competent completion of this course is required for anyone choosing to become a trainer or instructor of various security programs. Please Contact Us for more information.

Course Topics

Providing the necessary competencies and physical experience to provide additional skills to existing Security, Protection & Prison Officers, Health Care, Child Care & Mental Health Workers.

  • Physical Interventions
  • Restrictive Interventions
  • Non-Restrictive Interventions
  • Primary & Secondary Controls
  • Risk Assessments
  • Risk Reduction 
  • Workplace Violence
  • De-escalating Conflict
  • Legislation & Law
  • Reporting
  • Post Incident Support
  • Communication – verbal & nonverbal
  • Physical & Psychological factors
  • Safer Holding – Escorting
  • Disengagement Techniques
  • Legal & Ethical Considerations
  • Prompting & Alternative Options
  • Security Industry Applications
  • Medical & Health Professional Applications
  • Team Support & Techniques
  • Use of Force
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment 

Practical Assessments

During this training, you will experience a combination of classroom based learning and assessment, along with the practical application of the physical intervention techniques applied to your area.

Whilst the program meets the required competencies of the award, our training provides you additional experience and the personal capacity to confidently work in your existing role or apply this learning to a specific area of focus such as working with troubled youths, as a security guard or within mental health for example.