Internationally Qualified

Elite Training Australasia delivers the international benchmark of security training programs in several cities across Australasia. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved courses are the ‘Gold Standard’ in security training curriculum. These British standards are highly regarded and recognised globally. Our courses give you international standing, recognised qualifications* and the highest benchmark in training competence. A qualification in your chosen field along with local training and/or licensing requirements, gives you a greater depth of proficiency, a broader scope of prospect for employment, and a competitive edge.

An Ongoing Demand for Elite Training

In today’s current climate, security, protection and surveillance operatives are more in demand than ever before. We are seeing more positions open to multiple citizenships, rights to work being granted for more roles in various countries, and a greater demand for the UK industry standards to be delivered, all of which is lifting the industry to a better competency and the ‘New Norm’ being of a higher capability and standard of professionalism.

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International Reach

Elite have been delivering these courses since 2010 to both the public and private sectors, and in 2021 we are delighted to broaden the regions we deliver to, to include countries in the southern hemisphere. Each course provides the student with the skills, knowledge, experiences and continued support required to ensure they are set for success in their chosen endeavours. Graduates are part of the Elite family and our wider community, where new opportunities and ventures prosper.

*Please check individual courses for more information on licensing conditions and additional checks and rights to work required for your area, or Contact Us directly so we can best assist you.

We support our students through their application to be assessed for recognition for their work experience and qualifications.

Nationally recognised qualifications are most effective in Australia. However, many Australians are deployed overseas in various post-service roles and the qualifications still support a resume in this environment. In addition, former and/or current members of international organisations may benefit from such qualifications. Elite Training Australasia is not a registered training organisation (RTO) in Australia, however the recognition for prior learning service is available by several organisations that are able to provide the opportunity to be assessed for recognition in various industries. 

We have supported service personnel from New Zealand, the UK, the UAE, Papua New Guinea, and South Africa through their application to be assessed for RPL.

There is no doubt that training and experience are key components of a successful career. To support this, however, holding a nationally recognised qualification translates that previous training and ongoing experience into a recognisable format that all employers can relate to and it improves competitiveness in a civilian employment market. Nationally recognised qualifications also help meet mandatory entry requirements for many jobs and support some licensing requirements. 

Holding a nationally recognised qualification together with specialist training and skills improves competitiveness for many job roles in Australia and overseas.

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Our suite of recognised qualifications are available throughout Australasia

Close Protection

Become an Elite Close Protection Operative

International Bodyguard

Join the Elite Level 4 PSD program


Learn to be an Elite Covert Surveillance Operative

Physical Intervention

Be Proficient in Appropriate Methods of De-escalation

Conflict Management

Expand Your Choices when Dealing with Conflict

Managing Violence and Aggression

Gain Professional Techniques to Prevent & Manage Levels of Hostility

Education and Training

Be Qualified to Facilitate Learning, Teach and Assess Students


Complete Essential First Person on Scene Training


Experience Training for Employment in more Adverse Conditions

Instructor Packages

Apply to Join the Elite Team as an Instructor


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    The training was so much more than I expected, and it was super cool to learn this sort of stuff. The instructors made it one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. Highly recommend Elite to anyone wanting to stand out in this industry.

    Ian D.Private Surveillance Co.

    By far the best trainers I have ever worked with. They listened to what we needed and completely nailed it. They were able to reach people in our company in ways no one had before.

    Kay C.Personnel Capabilities Officer

    These guys helped me map a career pathway so I better understood my options and was able to find the kind of work I had always dreamed of doing. So lucky to have their support.

    Constantine P.Close Protection Officer

    What a massive difference it has made to our team, the guys were blown away. Each of us walked away with way more than we paid for. So much value in what they deliver.

    Ken D.Specialist Operator