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Elite Training Australasia delivers the 4 Day Highfield Level 3 Award in Education and Training (RQF) qualification.

About the Close Education and Training Program

Our 4 Day program teaches students to prepare lessons, deliver courses and assess students in areas they are qualified and proficient in. This certificate is required for delivery of Highfield and Elite Training programs and security and protection courses generally.

The program is designed to best equip participants in all aspects of teaching and learning. Being proficient in a skill or topic is not enough to be able to teach and instruct others. We expand on the delivery methods and styles to best meet the needs of a wide range of students and situations.

Required Experience

Upon competent completion, graduates will have the skills, knowledge, confidence and experience they require to deliver courses of their choosing that will exceed standard training objectives. Facilitating another(s) learning is a responsibility that requires the highest proficiency and quality management possible. This program will have you experience exactly what is required to be of a high level as a teacher trainer or instructor.

*Graduates have the opportunity through our rigorous selection process to become a trainer or instructor, depending on experience, qualifications and location. Contact Us to discuss your career opportunities with Elite Training Australasia and our partner clients.

The selection process is this training program. Take the first step towards an Elite profession in Close Protection

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1. Highfield Level 3 Award in Education and Training (RQF)

~ this is the UK’s Gold Standard of training and is a prerequisite to deliver most vocational education training programs and courses within the Security and Close Protection Industry. Unfortunately, RPL from the Australian TAE Cert IV is not available. This is a higher level of qualification than the currently offered International version of this course.

Course Topics

Providing the required theoretical knowledge and extensive practical skills to prepare, deliver and assess participants on various training programs.

  • Teaching & Learning
  • Roles & Responsibilities 
  • Working with Other Professionals
  • Quality Assurance
  • Record Keeping
  • Law, Legislation & Codes of Practice
  • Factors Contributing to Learning
  • Teaching, Learning & Assessment Environment
  • Motivation
  • Learner Age Ranges and Locations
  • Learning Preferences
  • Theories of Learning
  • Maintain a Safe & Supportive Learning Environment
  • Identifying Needs – Teachers & Learners
  • Organizational Objectives
  • Initial and Diagnostic Assessment
  • Inclusive Learning
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Planning Learning
  • Resources & LLN & Points of Referral
  • Using Information & Communication Technology 
  • Facilitating Learning
  • Teaching & Learning Approaches
  • Communication, Behaviour & Respect
  • Working with Groups & Individuals
  • The Feedback Cycle
  • Making Improvements
  • Sharing Learnings

Practical Assessment

Throughout the 4 days, in addition to creating a portfolio of evidence of the work you undertake and completing an assessment workbook and completing exams throughout the course, you will prepare, deliver and assess your own teaching piece to gain additional experience, feedback and opportunity to further enhance your skills.

Stretching beyond standards set, you will be fully prepared, experienced and capable upon competent completion to deliver quality training in your chosen field.