Elite Training Australasia delivers the only 5 Day Highfield Level 4 International Bodyguard (PSD) Accreditation (ISO9001), throughout Australasia.

A comprehensive 5 day program covering the principles of reactive bodyguarding. Designed for those providing short-term protection, the specification has been mapped to the SIA licenced linked CP program and is also suitable for those requiring refresher training.

About the International Bodyguard Program

Setting a clear distinction in the Bodyguard training arena, our International Bodyguard qualification is the only Level 4 program available to learners outside of the UK. This program has been undertaken by local law enforcement and their agencies, private security companies, Close Protection and Personal Protection Operatives in Europe, Africa, South America and is now available in 2021 throughout Australasia. 

This program prepares participants in the finer techniques, drills and skills required to effectively provide personal protection to a VIP/Principal, self and team. It is delivered in an executive protection setting and can be provided for a more hostile environment setting, depending on client needs.

A Well-rounded Skill Set

The course is a balance of preparation and planning, theoretical and practical skills, teamwork and live operations, providing a well-rounded skill set for international bodyguarding as an operative, or for existing operational teams, for either experienced or new participants to the industry. With the current global climate, personal security is needed now more than ever, and this is a fast-growing market need is seeing an increase in supply and demand requirements.

The program is initiated from police, military, private security and close protection industry operatives to provide experienced based training to meet the competencies required and is delivered to the highest international industry standards.

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1. Highfield Level 4 International Bodyguard (PSD) Accreditation

~ this is the highest standard of international training available in Close Protection and throughout the Private Security Sector – the only ISO9001 International Level 4 qualification in Bodyguarding.

Course Topics

Providing the required theoretical knowledge and extensive practical skills to work as an effective and valuable Bodyguard.

  • Bodyguard Roles & Responsibilities
  • Threat & Risk Assessments
  • Dynamic Risk Assessments
  • Structure and Formations in Teams
  • Personal Safety
  • Search Procedures
  • Vehicle access/egress
  • Mobile Formation Drills
  • Security Driving
  • Team Communications
  • Etiquette & Dress Codes
  • Teamwork & Briefing
  • Close Protection Foot Drills
  • Evacuation Drills & Use of Cover
  • Emergency interventions in vehicle, remote and hostile areas

Live Operational Assessments

Over the 5 days, in addition to creating a portfolio of evidence of the work you undertake and completing an assessment workbook and completing exams throughout the course, you will undertake several live exercises and scenario-based situations in various roles within the team to gain experience in all aspects of close protection.

Stretching beyond standards set by the SIA, you will be fully prepared, experienced and capable upon competent completion of a whole team final live operation on assignment with one of our VIP clients.