First Person on Scene

Elite Training Australasia delivers the Level 3 First Person on Scene (FPOS) required for Close Protection Operative licensing

About the First Person on Scene Training

This qualification provides the practical and theoretical elements of more advanced methods to preserve life with an enhanced level of medical capability to deal with casualties, trauma and medical emergencies. The competencies also include tactical medical support, ballistic & blast injury.

Delivered to a wide range of first responders, emergency workers and ambulance officers, the syllabus consists of two compulsory units and is delivered over 4 days.

This program is essential and recognised by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) as a requirement for Close Protection Officers SIA licencing, and is seen as the standard worldwide for this role.

Essential Training

This program provides the Level 3 Certificate in First Persons on Scene (FPOS) for the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence. As of 2021, this first aid course is a condition of licencing requirement to attend and main currency by attending a yearly refresher course for SIA Licence holders.

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Level 3 Certificate in First Person on Scene (FPOS QA Qualsafe Award)

~ this is the Global Gold Standard and the UK’s most widely adopted program for best practices in the preservation of life – also a requirement for obtaining an SIA CPO licence

Course Topics

Providing the required course outcomes and levels of competency for Close Protection, Essential and Emergency Workers, and Instructors.

  • Basic Medical Planning
  • Incident Assessment
  • Patient Assessment
  • Trauma Management
  • Manage catastrophic bleeding
  • Assess and manage patient’s airway
  • Administer Emergency Oxygen
  • Manage a Patient with head & Spinal Injuries
  • Manage a Patient with Injuries to Bones, Muscles & Joints
  • Adult Basic Life Support & AED Training
  • Environmental Emergencies
  • Minor Illness & Injury
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Introduction to Multiple Casualty Management & Triage
  • Casualty Evacuation
  • Scenario-based Practical Skills Training Interventions

Practical Assessments

Throughout this program, you will experience a combination of classroom-based learning and assessment, along with the practical application of techniques.

Whilst the program meets the required competencies of the award, our training provides you additional experience and the personal capacity to confidently preserve life in a first responder capacity. We provide experiences applicable to your area and extend to applications in various security and protection roles.

This program provides the Level 3 Certificate in First Persons on Scene (FPOS) for the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence.