Close Protection

Elite Training Australasia delivers the 14 Day Highfield Level 3 Certificate for Working as a Close Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry program

About the Close Protection Program

Our 14 Day high intensity training prepares students for a lucrative and interesting career as a licensed close protection operative (bodyguard) – also serving as the prerequisite for most international protection work, and our Hostile Environment CPO (HECPO) program for those wishing to work under more adverse conditions.

This program is initiated from police, military, private security and close protection industry operatives to provide experienced based training to meet SIA competencies and is delivered to the highest industry standards.

Renowned Graduates

Our graduates are renowned throughout the industry for their diligence, work ethic and professional standards. Knowing who we are training and what your short, and long-term goals are, is essential for us to best prepare you for your chosen direction. Similarly, knowing who you are training with and what you can expect is equally important, to ensure the right fit for your needs. Please see course outline below.

Graduates have the opportunity through our rigorous selection process to match their skills and experience to our operational requirements both in house and for our partner clients for potential contract work and employability.

The selection process begins on Day 1 of your training program. Take the first step towards an Elite profession in Close Protection.

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Highfield Level 3 Certificate for Working as a Close Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry (SIA recognised & required by Employers Worldwide)

~ this is the UK’s highest standard of training available in Close Protection and combined with a ‘right to work and appropriate criminal history checks, can result in the issuing of the SIA Security Licence as a Close Protection Operative.

Highfield Level 4 International Bodyguard (PSD) Accreditation

~ this is the only ISO9001, International Level 4 qualification and is exclusively available through Elite Training. For current and ex-law enforcement/ex-military personnel who have held a Close Protection role during their service, this can also be recognised and count towards the above qualification (T&Cs Apply – please contact us for further information).

Course Topics

Providing the required theoretical knowledge and extensive practical skills to work as an effective and valuable Close Protection Operative

  • Roles & Responsibilities of the CPO
  • Threat & Risk Assessments
  • Dynamic Risk Assessments
  • Suveillance Awareness
  • Conduct Reconnaissance
  • Operational Planning
  • Law & Legislation
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Etiquette & Dress Codes
  • Teamwork & Briefing
  • Close Protection Foot Drills
  • Evacuation Drills & Use of Cover
  • Route Selection & Close Protection Journey Management
  • Search Procedures
  • Incident Management
  • Venue Security
  • Principle Profiling & Case Studies
  • Applying Communication Skills
  • Use of Communication Equipment
  • Apply Conflict Management
  • Working with Multiple Stakeholders
  • Individual Bodyguarding
  • Security Advance Party Tasking
  • Identifying Hostile Surveillance Locations
  • Unarmed Combat & Personal Safety
  • Vehicle Drills & Advanced Tactics
  • Team Leader Preparation

Live Operational Assessments

Throughout the 14 days, in addition to creating a portfolio of evidence of the work you undertake and completing an assessment workbook and completing exams throughout the course, you will undertake several live exercises and scenario-based situations in various roles within the team to gain experience in all aspects of close Protection.

Stretching beyond standards set by the SIA, you will be fully prepared, experienced and capable upon competent completion of a whole team final live operation on assignment with one of our VIP clients.